Thursday, July 17, 2008

Come on knock on my door!

I love doorways, pictures, prints or drawings of them and even the real ones. I especially love the ones with rounded doors. I always envision eclectic or vintage, terracotta pots all around filled with a different flower or plant in each.

Some are just so inviting that is just makes me wonder what it looks like inside. Is it as warm and inviting as the potted flowers that sit on the doorstep? Does it have overstuffed chairs and a couch that you just want to curl up and read a good book?

These are a few that have peeked my curiosity when looking through Etsy. Click the link under each picture to see more from their stores.

This is my favorite. It's a beach hut. Don't you just wonder if it has steps out the back leading to the water? You can see this and more at Unravelling

This looks like it would be so elegant. A big foyer when you enter, it's very own greenhouse.

Ok my second favorite. A little pink beach house. Something you would maybe find in a small New England town, a short walk to the beach. You can see this and more at Italian Girl in Georgia

For the single person that is doing very well for themself. Come's home from work pours a glass of wine and sits down and relaxes.

This reminds me of the home my daughter and I visited in Guatamala 2 years ago. Her friend made her Quinceanera and we made the trip there as my daughter was part of the party. The back yards are breathtaking. Exotic flowers everywhere (or to me they were exotic). It was one of the best trips I have ever taken. To be in a different country and see other customs and how they live is fasinating.

I hope you enjoy!


susannah [unravelling] said...

Hi Terri, thanks for featuring my beach hut print :-) If you do a 180 degree turn you face the ocean... it's a magical place!

Suzanne said...

Hi Terri,

Love your blog! And...thank you for including my "Precious Pink Cottage," by the sea!

Your banner is great looking, as well. I appreciate being included in such lovely company!