Sunday, August 30, 2009


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My STEP ~ BY ~ STEP instructions on how to post a treasury to your blog... Hope it helps.

1) Jump up and down that you are in a treasury!

2) When you have the treasury up you want to have just the treasury showing so use F11 then I scroll up so that Featured Items and Chosen by (the maker) is at the very top of the page. To take a screen shot use PrtSc some might have to use Fn + PrtSc ( I do) then F11 again to get back to the original size screen

3) Open up paint or what ever program you use and copy it by using Ctrl V

4) Crop out what you do not want showing.

5) Re size your treasury to 95 horizontal and 93 vertical, this works best for me

6) Now crop your treasury again to rid of all the white around the edges

7) Save and file your newly cropped treasury

8) Next go into here you want upload your treasury pic you just saved. Choose the picture you want to upload, then right under it will give you the option to re size, I use 640x480 click upload

9) Once that is done you want to click on the photo to view, at that time it will give you an option of where you want to post this picture, IE...Blogger, face book, twitter and so on.
10) Now go do the happy dance and promote your treasury!!