Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I LOVE Gemstones

For anyone that loves Minerals and Gemstones I found this great site that gives a list and picture with over 75 discriptions. http://www.mineralszone.com/gemstones/

Gemstones are precious or semi-precious stones which are cut or polished to be used in many different ways. Know everything of these gemstones, their hardness on the Mohs scale, their color and shape, the usage, occurances in the world and their technical specifications. Just click on any of the gemstone names below to see more detail.

Agate , Alabaster Alexandrite , Amazonite ,Amber , Amethyst ,Ametrine , Andalusite ,Apatite , Aquamarine ,Aventurine Quartz , Azurite ,Beryl , Chalcedony ,Charoite , Chrysoberyl ,Chrysocolla , Chrysoprase ,Cinnabar , Citrine ,Coral , Desert Glass ,Diamonds , Diopside ,Druzy Quartz , Druzy Titanium ,Emeralds , Fluorite
Garnet , Goshenite ,Heliodor , Hematite ,Hemimorphite , Indicolite
Iolite , Ivory ,Jade , Jasper
Kunzite , Labradorite ,Lapis Lazuli , Malachite
Moissanite , Moonstone ,Morganite , Mother of Pearl ,Nephrite , Obsidian,Onyx , Opal ,Pearl , Pectolite ,Peridot , Prasiolite ,Pyrite , Rose Quartz ,Rubellite , Ruby ,Rutilite , Sapphires
Scapolite , Serpentine ,Sillimanite , Sodalite
Spectrolite Sphalerite ,Sphene , Spodumene
Sugilite (Hemi) Sunstone ,Tiger's eye , Tourmaline Turquoise
Unakite , Yellow Sapphire ,Zircon

Monday, December 29, 2008

Magic White Treasury

What a beautiful Treasury I was included in just before Christmas!!

It was put together by

She has a beautiful shop of hand knit hats, scarfs and more!!