Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Computer Died!

On Friday I decided to take the weekend off from Etsy, Flickr, Twitter, and my blog. I just needed a lazy weekend of doing nothing. Well I did keep checking my email just in case I made a sale.

On Sunday morning I went to turn on my computer and all I got was a black screen!!! I was beside myself, who really has $$ these days to just go out and get another laptop. Well I packed everything up and brought it back to Best Buy where they told me it was the "mother board" and would be anywhere from $500 -$600 to fix, needless to say I all but broke down and cried.

When I got home my very supportive husband said "well it's something you need for yourself and your jewelry you need to replace it" . He offered me his Best Buy card where you get 0% interest for 6 months. So I trotted myself back to Best Buy and talked to a very nice sales person who went over all my options. After I picked out my new Gateway computer at a great price because they are getting a newer version in, I asked what finance options they had. Well I am happy to say I got my own Best Buy card with 0% financing for 18month!!

The sad thing is I lost a lot of my pictures and all my email addresses. But I have a friend that is a little computer savy and hopefully he can transfer the files to my new computer.

So you can go check out by Shop and Flickr for newly posted items!