Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Love to Walk.......Not

Every Sunday I visit my friend Kate's blog for What's Cooking Sundays. Kate has some great recipe's on her blog with a nice picture and easy to follow directions.....

BUT NO MORE.... I swear I've gained 5 pounds since I started reading her Sunday blog.

Every time I look at her recipe's I go to my frig and get something to eat that's how great they are! The sad thing is I'm not even hungry!

I am now starting to walk as I usually don't do anything physical but get out of bed, get in my car only to go to work and then sit at a desk for 7 hours. But I figured if I walked on my two 15 minute breaks and then at least a half hour each day after work I can continue to read Kate's, What's Cooking Sundays. Now I'm not trying to win any marathon but eventually I'd like to look like this----------------------------------------------------------------->
Hey a girl can dream can't she
So I have my good friend Kate to thank for my motivation!!

You can find Kate at any of these locations

In her kitchen on Sundays.
In her destash bead shop
In her Jewelry Shop
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