Saturday, March 14, 2009

Social Media's are My New Best Selling Friends

OK, so as you can see by some of my past post and pictures and links I have a shop on Etsy and sell jewelry (Originals by Terri Pezzullo). Well with the Internet being what it is I've taken a few steps in the direction of social media, as you can reach so many more people than just having an online shop and waiting for people to find you.

I first started with this blog about 4yrs ago. I posted once in a while, but really never promoted it much (ok not at all). To be honest I felt a little embarrassed and intimidated by the WWW to talk about myself to so many people out there so I just posted pictures of my jewelry with prices again sitting back hoping someone would find me. Then I started poking around at other blogs and got a feel for it. I deleted all my old post and pictures and started fresh. This is the first post i posted when I started fresh

It took me a while to get just the right look with a heading, color and fonts, but I love my blog now. I've had well over 5000 visits and some wonderful comments from my visitors. I love doing Featured Artist, and my own free earring blog giveaways. My blog has also brought many people to my Etsy shop. This is a picture of the first piece of jewelry I sold on Etsy and I have now sold 204 items to date. This is more than I ever thought I would!!

I signed up for Etsy in December of 2007 but didn't become a seller until February 2008. I started hanging out in the forums making friends, and let me tell you , some very nice friends!!

I learned a lot in the Etsy forums one thing was net working with a face book account I have had face book since November of 2007 but never used it (another story for another time). Again a little uncomfortable talking about myself. Then my previous manager (Marjorie) found me on face book and friended me (so excited to have a friend), then my brother, some relatives and people I went to school with and so on and so on.... After only 2 weeks of Face Book I made 2 sales and a few more after that! You can have a personal and business Face Book.

I also have a Flickr account . This is a great place to upload your pics and join different groups to show them off, unfortunately you can't sell there but you can put a link to your shop, blog, face book or whatever social media you use.

Then I found Twitter!! The social network that only allows you up to 140 characters at a time to say what you want. I can follow people and they can follow me back. I can comment on there comments, post links to something I just listed in my shop but not to often as it's frowned upon, you don't want to spam everyone with your items. But I'm happy to say I have made some new friend there also and even a few sales!

I love GMA (Good Morning America) I have watched it just about everyday for the last 15 yrs or so. The other day I got a return tweet from no other than ..............

GMA's Tori Johnson work guru and GMA's weather man!!..........How cool is that!!..........It truly made my day!!..........Now go online and socialize!!..........

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