Friday, January 23, 2009

My First Attempt at Wire Wrapping

this is my first attempt at wire wrapping and I have to say it came out as i planned.

i don't know what made me think of this design as i'm not really a fan of hearts, maybe it was the two colors i chose.

I took an 18 gauge sterling silver square wire, hammered and nicked it up for a distressed look. one side is wire wrapped with 28 gauge sterling wire and faceted rhodolite garnet rondells, the other side is wire wrapped over and over again with just 28 gauge sterling wire.

the bottom of this lariat has a 3/4 inch labradorite teardrop with a cluster of faceted rhodolite garnet. the heart and teardrop are attached to a sterling silver flat chain. i have added a few faceted rhodolite garnet rondells along the sides of chain wire.

The earrings are a 22 gauge 2 inch long ear wire formed by me are wire wrapped with faceted rhodolite garnet rondells and 28 gauge sterling silver wire.

heart is 1 1/4 at its widest and 1 1/2 at its longest chain length is 21 inches, Labradorite teardrop is 3/4


Lidia Luz said...

This is amazing and so lovely and so beautiful, my dear friend!!!!
Have a good weekend!
Kisses and my love,

candlemamma said...

You work very hard to make lovely jewlery and it shows. Wonderful blog. Thank You!

shiborigirl said...

Great job, Terri! I've been meaning to try that - did you take lessons to learn how to do it?

Marble Man enjoyed your comment last night on my blog and was wondering how you got those music notes into it. Do tell!


Be Jeweled By Candi said...

Wow Terri, that is amazing! And that was you're first time, it came out beautiful!

Whimsicalz said...

Elegant as always! You did an outstanding job! The beauty of wire wrapping is that it's almost like abstract the sense that it is always beautiful. You're going to be hooked. I can't wait to see more of your wraps.

Alison Du Bois said...

Lovely! I enjoy your blog :)

Hot Rocks said...

You have been nominated for the Lemonade Award, see my blog for the details.

Betty BeadBug said...

I think it turned out beautifully. I am slowly but surely working up to trying my hand at this myself...wish me luck.

turisuna said...

It's beautiful, it looks unique, I love the color.