Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Getting ready to go back to work!!

So in November I was laid off from my job at the Bank, which is very normal with the position I hold. I work as what they call a "contingent worker" in the Consumer Loan Sales and Retention department.
Let me explain a "contingent worker"

A contingent worker is someone that is hired directly by the bank (not an agency). We work a 30 hour week and are only allowed to work up to 1000 hours per year. The hourly rate is much higher than the normal employee as we do not get sick time or vacation time but who really needs that when they lay us off from December - January and then again June - August as these are the banks slow time and we get to collect unemployment. And we are always called back.

Unfortunately with the way the economy is going we were laid off in November a little earlier than expected and they told us it could be 3 - 6 months before they called us back. I PANICKED!! I don't know about the rest of you but I really like having a paycheck and I'll admit I need it.

So from November 14 on I applied for everything that was remotely close to what was on my resume of 25 years of working. Without any exaggeration I must have applied for over 100 jobs.

The first call I got was to do rapid refund tax returns. The add read flexible hours, very competitive pay and it was a temp job so I would be able to go back to the bank when it was over after tax season!! Oh WOW this was to good to be true. NOT!!

Flexible hours were 40 hours a week with mandatory o/t and the competitive pay..........wait for it.....minimum wage!! Yes you heard me right minimum wage.

There were many more just like this to many in fact to list.

I also went on the RI State Government jobs and low and behold there were about 28 positions available for our unemployment center ( I applied for each one of them). I'm sure you've heard R.I. has the second highest unemployment rate in the country. I applied for this position in November and had my interview the beginning of December. I didn't hear anything back so buy the beginning of January I put it out of my head. Then last Thursday I got the call!! They offered me the job!! I start Monday, February 2nd. I am so excited (1) I'll be getting a regular pay again (2) I'll be helping others to get their checks sooner and (3) I'll be somewhat lowering the unemployment rate.

Now for the really great part!!
This position with the state is part time, but for now because of the economy and all the layoffs, they have asked us to work full time (35 hours) until further notice. Well that's not a problem for me. Then when everything has slowed down we can start working our regular part time hours. That means I'll be able to go back to the bank, a job I really love when they call and keep both jobs!!
Well we'll see when the time comes.....


w said...

yay! i'm glad you were able to find a job.

i have nothing witty to say. because you expect it. so. i'm throwing you off today.

becky nielsen said...

Congratulations, Terri! So glad for you.

I like your new work - the wire wrapping is beautiful.


For future reference, either for you own financial help, or if you find your self needing another source of income:

...Just take it, put it in your pocket, and save it for another day.

In the meantime, keep on keepin'on!

The Naked Mushroom said...

Im so happy for you, Terri. You must feel so much better knowing you are going to have a steady income coming in. Congrats to you, cant wait to hear how it all goes.

Mr and Mrs Crap

Duni said...

I'm glad you got that job! let us know how it's going and how everything's working out. Also looking forward to your beautiful work (if you have the time!)

take care


Lidia Luz said...

My dear friend,
I wish you all the luck and happiness in your new job! And I believe that soon, you will be in the bank. I pray for this!
I hope and pray also for all people in your country recover the means of ensuring a dignified life.
I was very glad for you!
Have a nice weekend and a great February 2!

shiborigirl said...

Yippee! It's just awful to be worried about a job, when you want to CREATE. BTW, I LOVE that last picture in your post!