Friday, August 01, 2008

Remember sock puppets when you were a kid?

We all had our favorite comfort toy or stuffed animal when we were young. Something to cuddle up to when we were scared or just needed to take with us everywhere we went. I know my son's favorite was a John Smith figurine from the movie Pocahontas and my daughters was a little pink stuffed musical elephant. Well I found these really adorable sock puppets on ETSY.

The Willow Tree has this oh so cute and softly stripped sock puppet look at the matching bow and gadget cozy wristlet she has. Under The Willow Tree describes this Girlie monkey as a bright and cheerful monkey. It is made out of a brand new pair of socks and is stuffed with 100% polyester fiber and is extremely huggable! She has embroidered eyes and face with a lot of detail! Girlie monkey is made out of gray socks with blue, yellow, green, and pink stripes. This monkey is sewn very well by hand and by machine so it will not come apart. This monkey measures 16" from head to foot and has a 14" long tail.

This one is "Kristina the Sock Bunny" from Cuddlet It is so cute I love the colors. She is made of new cotton socks. Her fancy dress and hat are also made of socks and are fully removable. Kristina is a serious young lady and she likes books and documentaries. She loves her little brother Alex even though he is so naughty sometimes! Go to Cuddlet to see her brother Alex.


Cherry Lane Jane said...

Girlie monkey is way cuter than my sock monkeys ever were! great feature

ZENABU said...

I agree with Cherry lane. My sock money used to make me cry it had such a horrid face but girlie monkey is the cutest sock monkey I have ever seen.

Ella Parry said...

I used to use towel to make my own doll when i was kid.