Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pearl Petals and Labradorite Teardrop Cluster Earrings

I am so excited I finally purchased a strand of pearl petals also known as keishi pearls! I purchased them from Pandorasbeadbox, a shop on Etsy. I have wanted these pearls for so long and now I just can't wait to make more jewelry with them.

My first item is this cluster of keishi pearls with a beautiful luster to them that sit on top of blue/grey Labrdorite teardrops with flashes of blue with every movemant. All findings are sterling silver and they are 1 1/8 in from the bottom of ear wire. To view more pictures of these and other items please visit my Etsy shop Originals By Terri.

Keishi pearls are formed when an oyster rejects an implanted bead nucleus but continues to create a pearl, or when some of the implanted mantle tissue in a mussel breaks away and forms its own freeform pearl.


ppdesigns said...

those pearls are beautiful. almost like little petals!! beautiful beautiful earrings!

Cassie said...

These are really pretty. Your jewelry is very nice. I tried to make a bracelet once, but wow, what patience one needs to make jewelry! Thanks for visiting my blog.

MindyG said...

I really like these earrings, keishi pearls are one of my favorites to work with.