Thursday, October 28, 2010

"What is a Wandi"

A Wandi is a very thin crispy dough with powdered sugar sprinkeld on top. Wandi's are so light and flaky that they literally melt in your mouth.

Rhode Island has some great little family owned shops and Wandi's by Pina is just one of them.

Wandi's by Pina was started in 1978 by Ermanno and Pina Ruggiero.
They specialize in Wandies and Gourmet Italian Cookies

Their Wandies and Gourmet Cookies are a hit at Weddings, family gatherings, celebrations, parties, events and corporate gift giving.

Wandies by Pina proudly offers their Gourmet Italian Cookies online.

To read more about Wandi's by Pina or to order a tray today of the best baked goods you'll ever eat and believe me, you will not be disappointed.

Visit them at.........

1333 Cranston St, Cranston RI or online at

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