Sunday, June 28, 2009

Isn't it Time YOU Pampered Yourself!!

I usually don't spend frivolously on myself but a few weeks ago I went for a pedicure with my best friend (both our first time) and I have to say it was THE BEST! I had a nice french pedicure. I think it looks so nice with a golden tan and a sparkling anklet (not that I have a tan its done nothing but rain everyday in June).

So yesterday I was going to a wedding as usual I was shopping last minute for something to wear when I realized my feet looked like crap so I decided to go have them done again.

Well the place I went to Andy's Nails, they just re-did there whole salon and got new massage pedicure chairs with its own remote control, seriously I thought I died and went to heaven!

This chair messaged every possible sore and achy part of my body. It touched from the bottom of the hairline on my neck to the top of my buttocks, it was 1 hour and 15 minutes of pure pleasure, I literally walked out a new person ( I should mention I was in a car accident years ago, I rolled my car over and have had issues now that I'm older).

Well in a few weeks I will be going to Elite Skin Day Spa my 3 best friends bought me a gift certificate for my birthday for a day at the spa, Oh I can't wait! We are all going to spend the day together and pamper ourselves!
Here are a few at home pedicure links I found to keep up on my feet myself:


Marci said...

Pedicures are the best!

w said...

ok. i can't believe you posted a picture of feet. feet!

i'm glad you enjoyed your pedicure.


Suzanne MacCrone said...

Terri, if those are your toes they are lovely! Do it again.

Ciao bella,

Your jewels get better and better and are so pretty.