Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Aum ॐ

I love learning new things and a I few years ago I was at a craft fair selling jewelry, or should I say sitting with my jewelry as I don't think anyone made a sale that day, and I met Wendy (who also makes jewelry) We only saw each that one time until about a year ago when I started a new job at a bank . I was in the cafe getting coffee and saw her. We looked at each other for a minute before we realized where we new each other from. Of course we talked about jewelry and what we were up to. I told her about Etsy and she now has a shop there called Whimsicalz .

What I learned was, a few years ago Wendy went to India and learned about Aum ॐ. The origin of Aum (also Om or, more rarely, Ohm) ॐ is Sanskrit and is a mystical or sacred syllable in the Hindu, Jain and Buddhist religions.

You can visit Wendy's blog http://whimsicalz-designs.blogspot.com/to learn more about Aum ॐ and Visit her Etsy shop Whimsicalz for more inspiring jewelry!


Jen said...

Isn't it great that we can have instant relationships with others just because of our craft! I love that!

Duni said...

Thanks for the story behind the jewellery.
And those earrings are cool!

Youvegotmaille said...

Oh I love the OM earrings.