Saturday, December 06, 2008

I Love Getting Mail

I got such a wonderful surprise in the mail the other day. This beautiful picture from Alison DuBois!! All because I was the first person to follow her blog. How sweet is that. This picture reminds me of when I grew up in the country of Foster R.I. and we had a small log cabin on our property that the original owner of the property was born in.

I have to say her Etsy shop is beautiful and I ended up(hearting) three of her items so that they would all show up on my blog as favorites!

Aside from Alisons, Original Artwork also carries beautiful Note Cards, Gift Tags, Calendars and Books!

I can't wait to show my family this picture!!

Thank you so much Alison and I wish you much success!!


Jen said...

Isn't it amazing that a single photo can get those memories flowing. It's beautiful!

Alison Du Bois said...

Thank you so much, Terri, I appreciate your post! I'm so happy that it brings back such nice memories for you:)
Happy Holidays,

Leah said...

That is a gorgeous picture! Wha a generous and tallented lady Alison is!!

w said...

that is beautimous. i'm wondering when alison du bois was over my way to take a shot of my window...


i shall check out her shop. wait for it. wait for it.


Shay said...

Great photo.