Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wow I made a Treasury and the Front Page all in one day and to think my bracelet was the inspiration!! My item is the top middle I am so excited!!

A Touch of Color 2

And it's all thanks to Ophelia Miller of Ophelia Miller Boutique She put together this beautiful treasury with my bracelet being her inspiration! Ophelia Miller's Boutique carries handmade bags that are made with high quality fabrics and notions. Meticulous care has been given in making each and every item.


wildchildnatural said...

congrats! it's very pretty and the picture is amazing.

Ophelia Miller Boutique said...

Yes, your bracelet was my inspiration. I just love it. All of your work is gorgeous. You are my new favorite and I'm quit sure I'll be making some purchases soon!!!


MySweetThree said...

It is such a gorgeous bracelet! Congratulations and what a wonderful tribute to Ophelia Miller!

Anonymous said...

I just added you to the feature Etsy shops on my blog! :-)

Take a peek.

Beautiful jewelry by the way.

shiborigirl said...

Hey, congrats on the treasury!


erinberry said...

That's a lovely bracelet, and great job on the photography!