Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm Happy to Say......

I received so many wonderful comments on my FIRST BLOG GIVE AWAY !!! I already know who the winner is but I'm not going to post it until Sunday the 28th.

The response was so great that with the # my son picked I am able to double the GIVE AWAY and send out another free set of earrings!! So both WINNERS will be announced on Sunday morning. Thank you to all that visited and left such great comments!!

This was such fun I am hoping to do a BLOG GIVE AWAY every month so please check back often!

NOTE: To the second winner they might not be these exact color stones but they will be the same style earring.

Thank you all,



daisycakessoap said...

love those earrins! mardi gras colors!

w said...

was it me? i don't think i can wait until tomorrow...

shiborigirl said...

What "W" said.

I like the colors in the second pair - nice and cheerful.